Privacy Policy

Mobile USOS UW is the official mobile application of the University of Warsaw, Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, 00-927 Warszawa.

The app is intended for the members of the academic community of the University of Warsaw (hereinafter referred to as "University"), that is for its employees and students ("Users").

Mobile USOS UW allows the Users to access selected functions of the USOS student information systems platform with mobile devices. Data and features accessible by the Users via the app reflect the actual individual access rights of the Users in the University’s student information systems.

The right to process the personal data of the Users by the University is based on the existing relationships between the University and its students and employees as determined by the corresponding laws, and on individual extended consents given by the Users.

In order to use the app the User must have a valid student or employee account in the University information systems (so called CAS account) - logging in (authentication) with login and password is required.

During the first login the User has to explicitly grant the app access rights to his or her data in the University’s student information systems. The transmission of data over the network, including authentication, is encrypted and takes place directly between the user’s mobile device and the university systems with no third parties involved.

The application can ask for access to the calendar in order to save deadlines. The University does not gain access to the User's data in the device nor does it allow third parties.

Users receive notifications from the University. They can be disabled in the iOS settings for this particular application. The switch-off method may vary for each version of the system.

If the User gives consent during installation or in the settings, the application sends diagnostic information in case of serious malfunction or crash. The data is not associated with a specific user and includes the device model, the iOS operating system version, and the technical details of the error. The information serves only to improve the application.

Please note that Apple can collect diagnostic data from the application (in accordance with the Apple privacy policy), it can also collect data from the App Store® and from Apple Maps (to display maps), but the data do not originate from Mobile USOS UW app and it is beyond the scope of the relationship between the University and the User. University of Warsaw holds no responsibility for the privacy policy of Apple or for the compliance of Apple with the personal data protection laws, in particular with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ("GDPR").

We would like to remind you about important resources on data safety available for students and employees on the web pages of the University of Warsaw:

The privacy policy is subject to change. The current revision of the text is always available via the information page of the app in the App Store® and in the menu of the app itself. Please check back from time to time. Users will be notified about the changes that can significantly impact their privacy.