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Linguistic Engineering - Constructions

General data

Course ID: 1000-2M07LK Erasmus code / ISCED: 11.303 / (0612) Database and network design and administration
Course title: Linguistic Engineering - Constructions Name in Polish: Inżynieria lingwistyczna - konstrukcje
Department: Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics
Course groups: Elective courses for Computer Science
Facultative courses for 3-5th grade Computer Science
ECTS credit allocation (and other scores): (not available)
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Language: English
Type of course:

elective monographs

Short description:

The aim of the lecture is to present practical methods and techniques of natural language processing. These techniques, mainly the techniques of syntactic and semantic processing, will be illustrated with specific tasks (such as: Information Extraction, Dialogue Systems, etc.), on the basis of English and Polish. The lecture focuses on high-level largely language-dependent methods. This lecture is to a large extent independent of and complementary to the lecture Linguistic Engineering ? Constructions.

Full description:

1. Introduction. Terminology (Linguistic Engineering, Computational Linguistics, NLP, HLT, etc.), history, applications, two paradigms (symbolic and statistical). (1 lecture)

2. Types of syntactic processing, shallow parsing, parsing as tagging (lexical disambiguation). (1 lecture)

3. Shallow parsing with regular grammars, cascades of regular grammars. (1 lecture)

4. Information extraction. (1 lecture)

5. Deep parsing, context-free grammars and parsers. (1-2 lectures)

6. Treebanks and stochastic parsers. (1 lecture)

7. Dependency grammars and parsers. (1 lecture)

8. Unification-based grammars and parsers (DCG, PATR-II, HPSG). (1 lecture)

9. Semantics: lexical and compositional, meaning representation, semantic formalisms. (1 lecture)

10. Montague semantics and/or Discourse Representation Theory. (1 lecture)

11. Semantics in context-free, dependency and unification-based grammars. (1-2 lectures)

12. Text generation and traditional approaches to machine translation. (1 lecture)

13. Discourse representation, dialogue systems. (1 lecture)

The course will be given in Polish, if no non-Polish speaking students register for it.


1. Steven Bird, Ewan Klein i Edward Loper 2009, "Natural Language Processing - Analyzing Text with Python and the Natural Language Toolkit", http://www.nltk.org/book.

2. Daniel Jurafsky i James H. Martin 2009, "Speech and Language Processing", Prentice-Hall (2nd edition).

3. Sandra Kübler, Ryan McDonald i Joakim Nivre 2009, „Dependency Parsing”, Morgan & Claypool.

4. Adam Przepiórkowski 2008, "Powierzchniowe przetwarzanie języka polskiego", EXIT, Warszawa.

This course is not currently offered.
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